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What We Do

From minor bodywork damage to accident repair, car facelifts to complete re-sprays; we work hard to provide a professional service that you can be proud of.


SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology – it is a cost effective solution used to repair minor bodywork damage. Using the latest in repair techniques to keep the repair area as small as possible, meaning we can keep the costs and labour time to a minimum, passing that saving on to you.


From commercial vans through to high end chauffeur driven cars, we work with many local clients who all need their vehicles to look their best and to be in pristine condition. We also offer commercial vehicle resprays. We have experience in full re-sprays, colour changes as well as facelifts, along with repairing small to medium area damage.


If your paint is not treated or not professionally valeted on a regular basis, then over time contaminants, environmental factors, poor washing technique and wear and tear eat into the protective clear coat on your cars’ paint.

If you don’t correct this wear your car could suffer premature clear coat failure corrosion, rust and overall accelerated degradation of the paint. Keep your cars’ paintwork finish maintained to maintain the value of your vehicle, extend its life and to keep it turning heads! 


WBS Auto Ltd are the leading independent accident repair centre and car body shop in Swindon (Berkshire area) offering you a comprehensive range of services for the repair and restoration of your vehicle after an accident.


Restore your vehicle to pristine condition with our bespoke detailing service.

This process involves many different stages, with the ultimate aim of leaving a stunning glossy and defect free finish to your paintwork. You will also experience easy future cleaning due to protection being added, leaving a smooth slick surface.


If your vehicle needs a little more than TLC, our technicians will fully restore your vehicles bodywork. We have extensive experience in fabrication both in steel and fibreglass.

Our Services

Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:

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Welcome to WBS Auto Ltd

We deal with all types and makes of vehicles, ranging from a rare classic or supercar to personal cars and light commercial vans. We can repair tailgates, roofs, bumpers, doors, wings, bonnets, and wheel arches – in fact anywhere on your vehicle – and at a much lower cost than main dealers!

We specialise in repairing accident damage to vehicles. We are your local specialist for car body repairs - car accident repairs - crash repairs - insurance repairs - car respraying !!!

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